1. Me. Sky the other day because wow. Food today. Not pictured: banana, satsuma, apple, yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes, ton of coffee and water and gum. Dang, I eat a lot.

    That’s a half smile at best. Today has not been so awesome. Work has been go go go nonstop for two weeks and sometimes I feel like all the effort I am putting in gets noticed and other days like today, not so much. It’s like it’s never enough. I don’t need a pat on the back every day, but for crying out loud. My boss needs to work on his bossing skills. He is a highly intelligent person. He is also kind and I know he means well. But this is his first supervisory position in his whole life and, um, sometimes it shows.

    There’s other stuff. A grieving friend who I wish I lived closer to right now. Bad dreams last night. Being tired. Being crazy hungry to the point of distraction every hour. Just mentally a bit out of whack today.

    One bright spot. Not going to go into too much detail but… it seems like every time I start to think maybe I talk too much about my sobriety I get a message from someone as a sign that my continued candidness is a positive thing. It has happened with surprising frequency. Today it was from a woman I had not directly spoken to in a couple, few years, telling me she was 30 days sober, and thanking me for being an inspiration and trying to help her, even when she wasn’t ready to hear it. I was floored and deeply moved, to say the least. So. I will continue to talk about or make reference to my sobriety as it feels right, online and off. I never know who I am affecting and I would rather overemphasize the point than keep my experience and hope to myself when others may need it. Yeah.

    1. iamrunner said: You are anons purgation. Keep it up. Sorry you have had it rough at work.
    2. abitofsilliness said: Never stop speaking out and telling your story! Part of the reason you went through it is so you can help others find their way to sobriety and healing too. You never know who’s listening/reading. :)
    3. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: You ARE an inspiration! Plus, telling us is a good reminder to yourself how far you’ve come—and that’s the most important thing :) hope your evening goes better than your day so far!
    4. clevcrew said: 1. bad dreams too? must be something in the air… 2. don’t ever feel bad for talking about your amazing accomplishments 3. i appreciate the work you are doing at your job :)
    5. runningintshirt said: Good stuff, hang in there!
    6. snap-eat-love said: *Yes* to the end! And hugs to the start :)
    7. fromlazytolively said: Sending love your way 💕💕
    8. angeldrinkstea said: I sure love that perk about running. Running = eating. BECAUSE IT’S NECESSARY! It just gives me chills of joy when I think about it.