1. So last night we were talking about how Kari needs to see Steve’s music room/our geek room and I remarked that I had never posted it on tumblr. But then, Kari took this picture this morning of Steve playing and well, now I have an excuse.

    SO HEY. THIS IS OUR MUSIC/PLAY/GEEKY ROOM. Full of music equipment, rock band drum set, record shelves, and video game/Star Wars/Doctor Who knick knacks. We saw a sweet, sweet 3-foot Darth Vader at the store today that would also look great in here but I didn’t want to spend the $30 on it.

    Anyway, that room is actually bedroom #3, upstairs, where there is also this other area pictured, our “den” where we hang out and watch TV most nights. We have new blankets up there now; those pictures were taken in April, but otherwise it looks basically the same.

    So there you have it. Pictures of parts of my house never seen. ;)

    It’s been a very relaxing day. We went to the grocery store this morning and to Dick’s Sporting Goods (in the same shopping center) and it took 2 hours round trip. The store is a few miles away. Ay ay ay.

    I also ate shit in the parking lot outside Kroger. That was… not good. Textbook step, slip, flat on butt/back. I fear much pain come morning, which will manifest itself on my run. But I’ll deal.

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