1. Daily Camera Dump? Sure, why not.

    • New Nathan belt. Not sure how I feel about it yet. We bought identical ones to replace our others because…. well, because we’re superficial and we don’t want to clash with the rest of our clothes at the marathon (my other one is very pink and his is light grey and orange). I couldn’t seem to pull this one tight enough though. It was annoying this morning. I’ll have to mess with it a bit more.
    • Andy on my stomach last night. You can’t tell but she was makin’ biscuits. And annoyed that I was photographing her. Little cranky pants.
    • New oatmeal thing that will not become a thing. I bought dried (sulfured) apple rings the other day at Central Market but then decided not to use them for what I thought I would use them for and so I chopped them up and added them to my baked oatmeal, post-heating, to soften. Meh. I like it better without ‘em. I don’t know that sulfured apple rings are a good idea for much of anything. The texture is just too bizarre, softened or not.
    • Me, right after I found out Steve got a deer, so ecstatically happy, I’m giving myself a triple upper lip dimple. Geez.
    1. clevcrew said: thank you thank you for the open mouth smile. beautifulllllllll :) and congrats to steve!
    2. angeldrinkstea said: I didn’t even notice your lip dimple, you cute face! And Andy.. she is just so beautiful it hurts!
    3. gochelseago said: Haha our cats do the same thing. It’s not so cute when the nails dig in though. And you have a pretty smile!
    4. desert-child said: love your smile. :)
    5. nikkidoesthings said: Your smile made me smile!
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