1. Liz, great minds and all that jazz - I never cook with chicken breast. I started with 20 ounces of thighs, cut up, seasoned and sauteed. Then I cooked all the vegetables in the fat and seasoning that remained in the pan. That’s how I do all chicken breast + start with olive oil recipes. Oil-free cooking FTW. I also used 1/2 cup water instead of 1 cup, to scale back on the liquid. Didn’t seem to help the bland and watery mess it became. Again. Ugh.

    Kari, let me know if you redo it. If I do a cajun chicken pasta again, it’s going to be one I create from my own knowledge base, not modifying hers. 

    Milly - glad to know it wasn’t just me! I do like plenty of her recipes, but this one is a two-time fail. I am not pursuing it again, at least not in her fundamental form.

    1. helloagainsam said: Skinny Taste has one that I like and I use shrimp instead of chicken. I usually never go by a recipe to the letter anyway!
    2. thatlondonfeeling said: Melissa, everything you cook, I crave! I’m a little apprehensive of using TPW’s recipe given your experiences so I did some research and found a couple recipes with similar ingredients but without the chicken broth. I might give that version a go : )
    3. karikeepsrunning said: The only thing I can think of off hand is to NOT decrease the amount of broth, but instead let it reduce longer to get that thicker more flavorful sauce. We’ll see! I will definitely let you know…;)
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