1. Maureen: you asked, I modeled. This is the Under Armour Infrared ColdGear running cap. It’s. Awesome. The cap I had last year from Target never covered my ears properly. This one, it looks small, but when I put it on, it instantly stretches down around my whole skull and covers my ears in full. Yay!

    I think I look funny in it. Like I’m giggling at me funny. I look like I have on one of those football helmets school boys wore in the 1920s.

    1. chelsearuns said: I am DYING for a hat like this but I can’t find one with a hair hole… I can’t stand the feeling of hair on my neck so I prefer to wear it higher up on my head, but that means no hats! THE STRUGGLE!
    2. laurworksandwonders said: you pretty <3
    3. becky-balances said: Ooo! Ear coverage is an issue, this might go on my Christmas list!
    4. mar-kicksass said: Nice! My ears get cold really easily so I might pick one of those up when the weather turns here…
    5. sainttaco said: Cute!
    6. crowflycrow said: Love this!!!
    7. karikeepsrunning said: I should probably get something like that too.
    8. thehomecookrunner said: Where do you buy Under Armour stuff? I usually buy clothes at Target and likely will this year since I don’t have much to spend but I’d love to know in case anyone asks for my birthday/Christmas
    9. clevcrew said: super adorable!!
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