1. Got the idea from Kari to do a collection of school pictures for Flashback Friday. My favorite is the one of me from 1987, brown suspenders. I think that one looks most like me now… and rather serene, content.

    I feel like I’ve seen these a hundred times, but haven’t really looked at them until now. AWKWARD MUCH? Steve and I always said we both grew into our looks as we got older, but my word.

    1. angeldrinkstea said: I love the last one! So seductive!! ;D
    2. 26bytwentysix said: I really love the sweater you are wearing in the last pic! Not a joke!
    3. karicanrun reblogged this from happyhealthycook and added:
      most people grow into them later lol I definitely did. I love this
    4. stronger-stef said: LOVE!
    5. abitofsilliness said: Love your dedication to bangs! :)
    6. laurenrunsfurther said: Love them! Looks like you were a fan of the bangs for awhile :)
    7. runningthankful said: You’re adorable. I love looking at the fashions.
    8. runnergirlwannabemama said: You look a like Sandra Bullock in the bottom left, blue sweater. Fun. Now I want to hunt up my school pictures
    9. karikeepsrunning said: I love these!!!
    10. clevcrew said: Stop stop stop. I love this montage oh so much
    11. chelsearuns said: I’m so glad I’m not the only one that had unfortunate bangs as a child. The first row, though! So cute!! Also I’m totally digging that black and white sweater from the last one :)