1. Saturday recap:

    • Post-run breakfast. The usual amazingness.
    • Cleaned the crap out of the rest of the house - floors for Steve, kitchen and informal dining area for me. Day 3 was supposed to only take a couple of hours, but it took us double that.
    • Ran errands around noon, way behind. All stress made better by seeing the cats for adoption at Petsmart. We really, really need a friend - a young, energetic one - for our Andy girl. She needs it. Much. Soon, my little cuties.
    • Made lunch and burned the bejeezus out of my arm with bacon spatter. Of course. Because guests are coming, I hurt myself. :\
    • Finally sat down to lunch around 2:45. Best sandwich ever, etc.
    • Cooked for guests, but no picture BECAUSE I BURNED DINNER. I REPEAT I BURNED DINNER THE FIRST TIME MY MOTHER-IN-LAW FINALLY MADE IT OVER TO SEE OUR NEW HOUSE. The turkey thighs were okay. Barbecue glaze/sauce perfect. Carrots were fine. Potatoes were half BLACK, half okay; I served the edible ones to Steve, his mom and his stepdad. I ate some burnt ones. The bacon and onion were entirely burned to a carbon crisp and set off the smoke alarm numerous times. So the two elements that really pull the whole thing together with sweet and salty weren’t there. I can’t. I just… I don’t know. I can’t. I want to cry just typing about it. Yes, it was fine, blah blah the evening was lovely, but still. *Crying* I don’t understand what happened. :\
    • Mini tarts from Central Market + vanilla ice cream for dessert. All four of us split these, one quarter of each, plus a quarter of the tiny container of ice cream. Yes, me too. Not worried about sugar bingeing though because I won’t be buying anything else.

    Not my finest day. I wanted to keep eating stuff because hello, eating my distress, but it’s hard to keep bingeing when all I keep in the house is nuts and fruit. Which is kind of the point.



    Many miles in the morning. And I am beat as all hell. Goodnight. Good luck tomorrow, runners. I love you guys!

    1. chelsearuns said: AH! So sorry about your dinner mishap. I would be totally crushed, too. I’m sure the food that survived was totally delish.
    2. alliegets said: My onions and bacon burned a little too. Maybe try bigger chunks to be safe?
    3. angeldrinkstea said: Honey, that’s so frustrating! *crying for you*
    4. iamrunner said: I am sorry About your dinner.
    5. stronger-stef said: Oh no sorry! I hope you have a great Sunday !
    6. sarahspeaksnow said: <3<3<3 I’m sorry you had a rough day! :( But I am sure everything was still amazing. Even a little burnt. :)
    7. karikeepsrunning said: *hugs*
    8. clevcrew said: enjoy your run!
    9. runningthankful said: You’re such a good cook, that’s tough. Get a good night sleep. Tomorrow’s a new day.
    10. runwrite said: Hope your arm is ok. And don’t fret too hard about dinner. I’m sure they will see and taste the magnificence that is your cooking soon enough.
    11. happyfitrunnergirl said: I burned my arm too on the toaster oven this morning, but doesn’t look as bad as yours. Hope it doesn’t hurt too badly. Sorry dinner got burned, that is kind of a bummer but it happens :-(. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Have a great run 2morrow!!!
    12. shrinkingmomma said: Sorry about the dinner. But, at least we know you’re human because I was starting to wonder because you were absolutely perfect in every way. I’m sure your burnt dinner beats anything I could whip up in the kitchen. ;-)
    13. livelaughyoga said: I’m sure the food and thecompany was amazing because you are
    14. strengthpluslace said: Ugh I hate burning food when making it for someone else! Hopefully next time will go better
    15. malloryrunsthis said: A new kitten!!! So exciting—I am sure we will get pictures when you adopt one, right? I’m sorry about the burned dinner, but you can’t be perfect in the kitchen all the time, it’s not fair to the rest of us.
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