1. This afternoon, I had my massage for my 365dayrun gift to myself. Oh good lord, people, it was magnificent. I told her to focus on legs and feet and focus she did. It was insane. Some of the places she hit on my lower legs felt like a year’s worth of agony being released. She also does these awesome stretches on my hips and knees. I actually passed out happy for a few seconds.

    She’s seriously amazing - more sports therapy focused, not spa massage focused, which is what I always wanted out of a therapist. She was a very lucky find for me. After my car accident last year (March 2012), I used to go to her often, near monthly, for what the accident did to the upper/middle left side of my back. This year it’s more of an indulgence and I’ve only been once (my birthday in May) before doing it again today… but man, I need to do it more often if I can. She’s not only stellar at her job, but she is ridiculously affordable because she prices me as a “regular client” - $40 for an hour - except she always goes over an hour, working on whatever I really need worked on. Crazy, right? Like I said, a lucky find.

    All of this has nothing to do with Andy basking in the sun. It’s just that I so rarely get good quality posed pictures of her now, I thought I’d share. She was so happy I opened up all the blinds today. Gorgeous girl.

    1. rasmtazberry24 said: Sounds amazing!!
    2. laurworksandwonders said: ANDY GIRL!!!!!!
    3. angeldrinkstea said: That sounds like the best ever! And relevant pictures are relevant!!! :D
    4. lizcorre said: Your kitty is beautiful. :)
    5. happyfitrunnergirl said: Do you think she’ll come to California…hee hee…sounds amazing!
    6. clevcrew said: gotta love a good massage!! you deserved every minute!
    7. thehomecookrunner said: That sounds heavenly (and cheap!!)
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