1. Lunch today. Steve and I evenly split a tiny skillet of ham and eggs, a large skillet of homemade breakfast sausage and eggs, and a ham, spinach, egg and Dijon sandwich. He also had bacon and one toast (and I ended up giving him that extra piece from my plate, too) and I had an apple.

    A crazy amount of deliciousness and nourishment for a long run day. Loved every bite.

    Bonus picture of my entire front room for no other reason than some of you might want to see it that have never seen it (self-centered much? me?) and it happened to look very photo-worthy today since it was just cleaned on Thursday, I had nothing out in the kitchen, and all the blinds are open, which I think makes it look so pretty in there. I love my little castle. :)

    1. strengthpluslace said: Your house is gorgeous!
    2. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Your house is gorgeous!
    3. happyfitrunnergirl said: Beautiful house!!
    4. seechrisrun said: Immaculate of course!
    5. thehomecookrunner said: I seriously love your house. If I could build a house it would look like that. Love the openness.
    6. runwrite said: It’s a beauty.
    7. runningthankful said: I LOVE the arch window! Is that a built in cabinet there too?
    8. thatsminethankyou said: You have a beautiful home. Dare I say, a beautiful life.
    9. thisfearlesslife said: Your home is gorgeous! (And food, too :))
    10. marathonmelissa said: What a beautiful home!
    11. tinkerbellrun said: You have a very pretty castle! :)
    12. shrinkingmomma said: Gorgeous room! A far cry from my family room filled with toys and a couch that has more holes than fabric. Not that I’m envious or anything. Yours is magazine cover worthy. Mine is A&E reality show worthy.
    13. clevcrew said: i love your flooring. so much.
    14. danimoveson said: yea! feel free to show more of house. so pretty!
    15. milesandgiants said: Holy gorgeous front room!
    16. angeldrinkstea said: It’s beautiful, Melissa