1. Sunday Sunday:

    • On the way to the archery range today - these bison are always somewhere in this field, but usually not this close to the fence. Today they were close enough that we decided to park, walk up and take photos and say hello. A couple of them looked at us with serious WTF expressions. Heh. That big building in the back with the green roof? That’s our Cabela’s. So lucky to live so close to that place and to the archery range.
    • New straight field tips for my new arrows. The stainless steel ones he gave me yesterday were too bulbous and kept hanging up in the targets. The straight ones don’t do that. The target photo is my first set at *30* yards today, not 20, with brand new arrows AND my draw weight increased to 35 pounds from 30. My shoulder is sore, y’all, but it was a necessary change for the long haul.
    • We picked up that new set of lamps we ordered last week. The one for the other table had a couple of defects so we’re getting a new one delivered. But how perfectly does this match the rest of the furniture? It also creates a warm new vibe for the living room. Happy first birthday, house.

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