1. With leftovers this good, the day can’t be that bad. Stuff:

    • I look tired. I feel tired. I feel unattractive, too, and have for about 10 days. I know it can’t be true. I don’t look any different. My self-image is simply all out of whack right now.
    • I got into a painful fight with Steve yesterday. I even cried a little. Um. What? That alone tells me how not okay my head is. I know this will pass, but damn. Wrongness.
    • We’re losing my favorite person at work, the junior engineer who sits right across the hall from me. I thought he was taking a job in Denver or something. No. He’s leaving because he’s doing a year-long training program in North Carolina so he can go overseas as a missionary/charity worker in remote locations. I mean… wow. It’s totally out of left field, but wow, good for him. To find your spiritual and/or emotional purpose in life is all we can hope for and I am thrilled that he is doing that. He’s a good young man.
    • On that note, we interviewed a new hire today and my boss asked me to spend a few minutes with him to see what I thought - would he be a good fit, is he organized and efficient, proficient in all appropriate software, a good communicator, both written and verbal. I’ve never been asked to do that before. That says a lot for how my boss views me and MY strengths. That made me happy.
    • What I am looking forward to today: Star Trek: Into Darkness arriving on my doorstep. We did dinner and a movie last night with the first (Abrams) Star Trek film. Tonight will be the same with the second. We LOVED that movie. SO MUCH. Now that I’ve seen Sherlock, I can’t wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch in it again, too. He impressed me a ton the first time around. 
    • What I am looking forward to this week: my wedding anniversary on Saturday. The only glitch right now is we can’t decide if we are actually going to go out for dinner like we originally talked about or if we are going to make steaks and stuff at home - where we know it will be awesome. Pondering. Also pondering homemade ice cream.

    Thanks to aaaaaall of you again for comments on runs, struggles, dad dreams, religious meanderings, etc. It means a lot to me that you take the time to say such thoughtful things. ♥

    1. sarahsrunningbucketlist said: You look beautiful!
    2. clevcrew said: hi, pretty.
    3. livelaughyoga said: Happy early anniversary! And you lady, are drop dead gorgeous!
    4. manyminniemiles said: Wear your hair fluffy tomorrow. You always look so happy in those photos. Maybe a good way to put a smile on your face?
    5. karikeepsrunning said: Steaks and homemade ice cream!! And YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :) <33333333
    6. eclipsenikkie said: Hugs to you! Hopefully the rough patch passes quickly for you. And you guys have a wonderful anniversary dinner no matter which you decide(September is the best month to get married too).
    7. nikkidoesthings said: I can see in your expression that you feel uncomfortable, but otherwise you look the side as in your happy, contented photos. For some reason we didn’t have Into Darkness in our Netflix queue until just now. :(
    8. angeldrinkstea said: You. Are. So. Beautifulllll. To me!
    9. malloryrunsthis said: You look beautiful. And all this shall pass, I promise :) Sidebar: Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!! I love love that he’s Smaug in the Hobbit series.
    10. chelsearuns said: Seconded Sarah’s comment. If it helps, you’re looking just as radiant as ever. Also, I feel like I should know this information, but what in the world do you do for your job? How have I gone without knowing this?
    11. thehomecookrunner said: Oh honey. ((HUGS)) Just like with running, LIFE is full of ebbs and flows. I hope you’re feeling more like yourself soon. Enjoy the movie tonight. I can’t wait to buy that one. And now I want to watch the first one tonight…
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