1. My day in food. And lamps.

    • We had a big gift certificate to use at Havertys because of bad service last year and it was set to expire on 9/21. So, today, we went in and picked out some really beautiful lamps for our living room end tables. That’s the website photo and a closeup I took of the bottom part when we were at the store. They’re shipping a new pair for us to pick up next weekend. Our formal living room is all gold/red/brown type stuff, so these will look gorgeous in there. Great find. Used the certificate and then we only paid $50 above that, for the pair.
    • Egg Bake so I won’t have to make it tomorrow.
    • TERRIBLE BARBECUE LUNCH. I even hacked up the pictures for that collage because I don’t care one bit about showing off the food. Like, come on, universe. We eat out so little. Couldn’t it have been worth it? Ugh. Big big ugh. Mediocre food, terrible service, someone SMOKING A CIGAR at the bar area, chintzy CHINTZY portions - for $30. THIRTY FREAKING DOLLARS. FOR THAT. Also: no self-respecting Texas barbecue place should be serving green beans that look and taste like that. Wrongness.
    • A container of my Ragu Bolognese from the freezer for dinner. Aaaaaah. Now there’s good food. Heh.

    You know what else was my day? A three-hour nap. WHAT? We were supposed to go to the archery range after lunch, but instead, somehow, we passed out together for three hours. I guess we needed some sleep! It was good. We’ll go shoot our bows tomorrow.


    1. alliegets said: Paying for a bad meal is THE WORST. But hooray for naps!
    2. sainttaco said: I hate going out to eat and wasting money/cals on a meal you could have made better at home :/. Love the new lamps :)
    3. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: I HATE when we pay money for bad food! It always makes me glad I’m learning how to cook :)
    4. runwithpoodle said: $30 for fries? That’s all it looked like they gave you. Small pieces of meat.
    5. happyfitrunnergirl said: Robb and I passed out for 2 hours this afternoon too. Guess we needed the sleep and the market was there when we woke up ;-)
    6. laurworksandwonders said: Naps are amazing and I’m glad you got to take one!
    7. fitnerd said: Any green beans served in the south that aren’t cooked to death are just fundamentally wrong. And it definitely sounds like you needed sleep!! Also, gorgeous lamps!
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