1. Two chairs and a little table. Major sale at Target ($29 chairs for $16 through July 6!) and since we haven’t done anything with our back patio since move-in, I jumped at having a little something, a place to sit and be with coffee and a book. It’s not much, but I really like it for now. I still need a big grill and, eventually, we’d like an outdoor couch and loveseat and table set. I’d like to one day get a fan put in overhead too. Maybe next year.

    Ended the night with a raspberry smoothie. Berries, vanilla yogurt, a little milk and ice. Nice and simple and oh so good.

    Wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday. *Sigh*

    1. lizzielulu114 said: Is that a tilted glass??
    2. runningmysassoff said: I need patio furniture. Going to have to buy these!
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