• Hello from the pool. I take terrible selfies with that camera turn around thingy, but I like whatever the heck is going on with my shoulders/neckline in this photo.
    • Both ponds in my subdivision that I have been enjoying running around since I got my Garmin and don’t have to worry about trying to map them. The latter one is where I spent almost the whole of my run today. 15 laps. At least there’s no dogs chasing me down there or worries of bikes or cars.
    • My house. Gratitude shot because it looked beautiful when I pulled up to it this morning. Too often I still forget how long it took us to get here.
    1. friedtofit said: Oh my god your house is gorgeous!!
    2. angeldrinkstea said: All these are beautiful pictures! Your face especially, but your house is lovely!!! I look forward to all the coffee dates we’ll have there. :)
    3. chelsearuns said: I need to find some awesome ponds to loop! That would be so peaceful.
    4. laurworksandwonders said: You and Steve live in a beautiful castle.
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