1. First time I have ever paid for official race photography (and while I was at it, I ordered some for Steve from HIS amazing Half in February - only fair).

    Love the two “determined runner” ones and the bottom one was just as I was approaching the finish line. The whole set of those - where I realized I was going to make it under 2 hours and started flapping my arms up and down and yelling and smiling - was AWESOME. I will post the captures tomorrow.

    1. tinkerbellrun said: These are awesome!!! :D
    2. eclipsenikkie said: These are great ! Love the last picture
    3. runningmysassoff said: I LOVE these. You look so happy.
    4. seeamandarun said: Great pics!
    5. joshbuildshealth said: The bottom pic especially made me smile. So cool!
    6. mar-kicksass said: These are great! I love the one where your feet are both off the ground! Flying!!!
    7. deanaisfindinghergroove said: AWESOME pics!
    8. runawaykatie said: I LOVE the bottom one! :)
    9. trivialbob said: Good pics
    10. desert-child said: you are beautiful. great race pics!
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