1. 22:51 20th Apr 2013

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    So, yeah. Strange emotional perspective check. I was on my run, coming to the end of lap 2, when I passed by my house and noticed that my front door was open. I knew right away it was the strong winds that had done it - not the first time this has happened. I veered off up my driveway to shut it before it hit me: Andy had probably run out.

    I raced into the house and started calling for her, looking everywhere and behind and under everything. No luck. I ran back out to the street, yelling her name. Up and down the main road I went, getting more panicked all the while. Back in the house for another check, back outside for more frantic searching. This went on for a good 10 minutes.

    I thought of scenarios: maybe a dog had got to her, maybe she wandered into a neighbor’s yard and they took her in, never to return her, maybe she got run over. I was utterly distraught. I couldn’t fathom how I was going to tell Steve, who loves her more than words, that I had lost her. I had lost our Andy.

    I resigned myself to calling him to inform him and to see if he had any advice on what to do. He picked up, I choked out hello and just as I was telling him that she was gone, I stepped outside the front door once again to scan the street and she came trotting up on my left side, through our little flower bed, “MROW”-ing quite loudly and looking fairly freaked out herself.

    My relief was palpable. I grabbed her up and brought her in and pet her and pet her and told her not to EVER DO THAT AGAIN. After Steve made sure I was okay and she was okay, we hung up and I went back out to do my other 10 miles.

    When I came in, she wouldn’t leave me alone. That’s when I took all the photos above. I already had my phone in hand and when I knelt down on the stairs to pet her, she flopped over and posed and purred and put her face close to mine (she doesn’t normally) and head bonked me all over even though I was sweaty and gross.

    I really thought I lost her, our beautiful Andy. She is our friend, companion, and playmate and she shares this sweet life with us. I would never have forgiven myself. I will never go out without locking up tight ever again. I have to look after our girl better than that. ♥

    1. angeldrinkstea said: She’s too precious. I’m sorry you had such a scare!!! Godric is such an outside guy. He would never “tolerate” not being allowed outside. He’s a Norwegian Forest cat after all… I’m glad Andy is okay. I couldn’t handle it if something happened to her.
    2. laurworksandwonders said: Fairly certain that I would cry if Andy disappeared too. So glad she’s safe!
    3. stronger-stef said: Aw I’m so glad she’s ok!
    4. espressoandendorphins said: This sounds like the worst!! So glad you and she are okay!
    5. iamrunner said: Glad she is OK!
    6. runningthegoodrace said: As a fellow pet owner, I know how much my pups bless my life. You hit the mark with they “share this sweet life.” My heart goes out to you & I’m so glad Andy’s ok. :)
    7. joshbuildshealth said: Glad she’s ok!
    8. eclipsenikkie said: Glad she was found! Ours are indoor cats & I’m always panicked they will get out somehow & I’ll lose them. She’s great full for sure.
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